Cell Towers

Long range 3D scanning is essential for mapping and modeling of existing or proposed sites for telecommunication towers or telephone lines. TerraViz Geospatial provides speedy, accurate and cost-efficient surveys and 3D scans services for the Telecom industry. Spatial data during these surveys is useful in finding ideal locations for telecommunication equipment (both the towers and paths), and its 3D modeling and topographical mapping abilities help to ensure that the infrastructure will function as designed. Additionally, even after successful telecommunication construction is complete, laser scanning is instrumental in troubleshooting and maintenance. Laser scanning is capable of determining the size and position of antennas on cell towers without surveyors needing to gain access to the tower. Understanding bolt location and size can also facilitate tower upgrades. Scans are typically performed from the ground quickly and accurately. Scans can be used to produce an inventory of antennas / telecommunication equipment. It is safer and quicker and, more cost-efficient. Using point cloud technology, either 2D plans or 3D Revit models can be delivered.

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