The real estate market has an ongoing need for Professional Land Surveying services. Real estate transactions have many potential risks to both the property owner/seller and the agents representing them. All agents should know that the way to reduce the risk of litigation and the chances of not closing on the property. Large sums of money are changing hands in a real estate transaction and a survey is of paramount importance. As Licensed Professional Land Surveyors, TerraViz Geospatial always provides a professional level of service to the agent, buyer, seller and financial institutions.

Commercial Real Estate transactions in most cases require an ALTA/NSPS survey. TerraViz Geospatial can provide ALTA/NSPS surveys throughout our market areas. ALTA/NSPS surveys provide a wide range of options for the detail for plan preparation. Review the ALTA/NSPS standards.

Property surveys can provide useful information critical to a transaction:

  • Boundary demarcation.
  • Easements and right-of- way locations.
  • Public or private access information.
  • Zoning classifications.
  • Pertinent information required for proper communication with municipal agents.
  • Utility locations.
  • Existing improvements.
  • Essential in the formation of a legal description documents.

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